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Superhero Project

We were given the task of creating our own superhero and I can honestly say that it’s been my most enjoyable project to date.

Superhuman Character

Name: The Voice

Inspiration: World leaders/World Speakers. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein, General Gadhafi, David Cameron, Osama Bin Laden.

Age: 34

Height: 7ft 4inches

Build: Lean, Muscular

Origins: American/Saudi mixed race. Illegitimate Child of U.S soldier and Saudi Arabian woman.

Superpower: The Power of Persuasion. This character has the very human attribute, of charisma but to a superhuman level. Wherever they go, whatever they say and whoever they say it to, they are able to present their own theories, ideologies and belief systems in such a way that no man, woman or child alive is able to resist. Thus ultimately achieving, world domination.

Interesting attributes: Highly intelligent. Writes poetry, Operas and short novels in spare time. Carries a Soviet styled Assault Rifle that has never been either loaded or shot, serving as a visual message to the global community that his words outweigh the threat that any gun could pose. Wears an authentic SS military jacket after receiving it from Oxfam in a clothes donation as a child, a sign of his personal vendetta against the American father who abandoned him and his mother after the war.

Basic Plot Synopsis


  • The situation in Saudi Arabia is terrible. There is no law and order, no medicine, no shelter, no clean water, no sanity.
  • The character, just a young adult at this point vows to make a change. Already inhumanly intelligent,  the main character sets about getting an education in everything. Going through multiple schooling systems at the same time, reading in his spare time, speaking regularly with university professors, army officials, religious figures, men, women and children, getting a thorough knowledge of all before him.
  • Now, armed with his own ideologies and belief system, he starts to gain a following of people unable to resist his persuasion. As well as a following, he gains his new persona, ‘The Voice’.
  • His old name is never revealed.
  • Following grows bigger as he presents his ideologies across the Middle East, people coming from far and wide to hear him speak. Reference to Jesus addressing the crowds in the bible.
  • His word spreads across the globe until it is only America, in his eyes, the ultimate oppressor, that is resisting,
  • There is a media blackout in America, as people fear the ‘word’ that this man from nothing spreads.
  • Unable to spread his word vocally, The Voice gets more and more incensed, until eventually resorting to violence. He uses his power to manipulate the minds of his followers, so that they not only follow his every belief, but they are willing to actually give their lives for his cause. His anger is presented in a tyrade of suicide bombings across the US.
  • The American government submits at the will of the weak-minded President, and the Word spreads across the states.
  • Only small pockets of freedom fighters remain.
  • As the film progresses, the focus changes from the main characters point of view, to that of the remaining freedom fighters. Gives an insight into both the Oppressed, and the Oppressor, but in reverse.
  • Plot ends as it becomes apparent that The Voice has ultimately become the very Police State that he fought so hard against at the beginning.

Body Basics, Lean, Muscular physique, Elongated form

Initial Character Design

Secondary Character Design

The main aim of creating our own superhero, was to be able to then design a movie poster featuring them.

The Voice – Poster Design