Reading Project: Part II

Still with the ‘fluid reader’ in mind I went back to the drawing board and started to sketch out a few different ideas, this time starting with a much simpler idea but with the purpose of using the simplicity of design as a basis for putting in as much aesthetic detail as possible. I also slightly tweaked my target audience in the fact that I was now perdominantly designing a piece of furniture for the people that lead a hectic, executive lifestyle with little chance for relaxation through reading. This in a lot of ways was inspired by my Dad, a keen reader yet an even harder worker. My main aim was to create something sophisticated that would not look out of place in an up-market office or business suite. It needed to blend into the background for the majority of the time but also have an aesthetic presence strong enough to inspire and promote the urge to read in lull-periods. I also wanted to devise some way of keeping a book held open at a certain page whilst also having a small amount of storage space capable of holding a carefully-selected range of favourite books of the users choice. The aim of this piece is not to hide books away, but to rekindle and then stoke the fires for the beauty of the ‘book’.

Inspired by an imagined cityscape, the ‘City Shelf‘ (Not recommended to be spoken aloud by those with a lisp) is made from plywood and covered in an oak veneer, the sections are biscuit-jointed together before a layer of wood glue holds them fast. After a final sanding with p240 paper I then used multiple layers of Danish Oil to bring out the texture and dark wood effect of the oak veneer. As a final touch, I inscribed my design name, ‘Purplewax‘ into the left hand side of the piece using the laser cutter.

Near Completion

Measurements: Lx310mm Dx220mm Hx155mm

The 'City Shelf' in a home environment

The ‘City Shelf’ in a home environment



In Use

In Use