Hello, this is just a little notification to say that I’ve started a collaboration blog with my good friend Jack Hudson ie. WasterSpace. Together, we are the Jolly Llamas and in the coming weeks and months we hope to be posting our own pieces of writing, our writing collaborations and if we ever get round to it, our spoken word videos. Definitely worth a look in, and definitely worth following just to make sure you’re kept up to date with all of our latest bits of work.

We welcome all feedback and constructive criticism and we will also be trying to do the same as we work our way through your own blogs.

Cheers! P.



Sleep. A yawning void.

Uninhabited emptiness,
Brimming with nothingness.
The separate separation
Of dream state segregation.

Yet comfort comes; As days suspend
And night descends,
Darkness of time
Congeals with darkness of mind.

Thoughts filter, simmer and boil
And then end.

The Holy Moment

Too concerned with past,
Indebted to future,
Present often goes unseen.

Too often are we concerned with the past. Too often does the future occupy our mind. Present is noted but never probed, accepted yet never recognised.

It is a rare and holy moment when one truly lives in the present. Instantaneous, unprovoked and lasting but a snapshot of time; lasting only long enough to give a fleeting glimpse of an occasion.

With foundations lying solely in matters of happiness, a holy moment lives pure from ugly emotions and self judgement. Hard to describe to those unfeeling, it exists only in self recognition.

Only through the holy moment, can we truly feel life.