Hello, this is just a little notification to say that I’ve started a collaboration blog with my good friend Jack Hudson ie. WasterSpace. Together, we are the Jolly Llamas and in the coming weeks and months we hope to be posting our own pieces of writing, our writing collaborations and if we ever get round to it, our spoken word videos. Definitely worth a look in, and definitely worth following just to make sure you’re kept up to date with all of our latest bits of work.

We welcome all feedback and constructive criticism and we will also be trying to do the same as we work our way through your own blogs.

Cheers! P.


Road Bump

The wheels will tremor,
And the dash will shake,
And the hardened plastic blue will scrape,
And will shred, as sparks fly.
And nearby,
The dead grass will burn,
And fire will be made.
Engulfing all, cremating a life barely tasted.
And what a life,
that life could have been,
Would have been.

But alas, no amount of water can quench these flames,
For they are not real. Mere holograms of an ember,
Projected and reflected,
To strike fear into the mind, and eradicate hope.

Yet, for some time,
Love remains intact.
An idiotic tribute to a crash long past.
But soon, When memories die,
And the flowers once laid,
Lay rotten and broken
Consumed by decay.
My eyes will open,
And I will smile upon that new day.