The Brown Fox

The Near-finished product of my latest project. A few more coats of danish oil followed by some light sanding and it’ll be ready to come home! Exceptionally happy with the end result.

3D Orthographic Pres Board





Chair Pose




Hancock Statue


This is a photo of a chair sculpture that I noticed in the Hancock Museum, Newcastle. I have no idea who created it, what material it’s made out of or who the rather relaxed looking woman is. I just love the overall looks of the chair itself, mixing the common with the luxury and it just kinda, flows. It’s definitely my type of chair.

Balance: Chair Design


“For each piece of furniture to perform its primary function, the user must combine their own sense of physical balance with that of the chair until a symbiotic equilibrium at the combined centre of gravity is reached.”

The Tilter

The Bumblebee

The Recliner