Rich red fruit from crying vines
Slows time, engulfs mind.
Senses fade, Soul fades,  I fade.
To awaken the next dead day;
Empty, Without you.


5 thoughts on “Rosso

  1. There’s a musicality and flow of sound you have captured. Alliteration is great! The soft rhyming within the lines is something I like to do as well. Check out The Bone-Pickers. You and I have a similar grasp of sound. Thanks for reading and responding to my poetry, and especially for following me. I’ll do the same for you, and I don’t follow lightly.

    • Thankyou, I tend to try and steer away from alliteration in order to challenge myself with alternative means of flow but so often it happens naturally. The soft rhyming within the lines is not something I’ve ever consciously thought about, I think it may be because whenever I write, I read it out over and over again to myself until the words feel like a journey. I can definitely see a similarity of style in The Bone Pickers, a marvellous poem might I add! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on future pieces and ill definitely be keeping tabs on your work as well.

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