A smoke filled room,
Nameless faces,
Gaunt eyes glint
Across empty spaces.

Perennial as clockwork,
The room empties and fills,
The walls drop eaves,
Until conversation stills.

A friend of a friend,
Before unseen,
Voice like a whisper,
Reserved – serene.

My gaze captured and held
In a visual embrace,
The times that follow
Flowed without haste.

Yet deformed and dying
Those memories now fade,
Once shrouded in grace,
The face mutates.

The smile snaps,
The teeth bare,
Smooth skin shrivels,
Stretched sinews tear.

Flesh burns from bone,
Like bark from tree,
Pristine features,
Cease to be.

Yet weep I do not,
For life is thus,
And had that continued,
There would be no Us.


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