Finished Lego Man – Red Indian

With all the seperate components finished, we settled with the theme of Red Indian for our lego man. His background story is that he grew tired of hunting for food in barren wastelands and decided to move to the big city. After wandering around for days, lost and confused, he stumbled upon a lecturer vacancy at a University.

Red Indian

‘natural’ habitat (or as natural as we could find, at least)

On the hunt

After a hard days red indianing

Group Frankenstein and the monster

wind in the feathers

First encounter with modern architecture

Spreading knowledge to the masses


One thought on “Finished Lego Man – Red Indian

  1. Thank you, Jon, for sharing this. You have really made me smile. I particularly like his encounter with modern architecture, the expression on his face is brilliant. In fact, of course, his expression never changes. We just perceive that it does. Stunning legs btw 🙂

    Seriously though, I think you should all be pleased with the way it came together; good individual working and good team working.

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