Giant Legoman Project

For one of our latest projects we had to build a 50:1 scale legoman out of cardboard, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the material in order to make it structurally sound (i.e. making sure the grain of the cardboard is going in the right direction), of accurate proportions and aesthetically pleasing. In our group, we split up the figure into 6 sections: the head, the arms, the hands, the torso, the groin and (my chosen part) the legs.

Starting off with a few simple sketches and measurements I put together a prototype net to the scale of 10:1 which I would then multiply by 5 in order to achieve the main structure.

10:1 scale net

Lego Leg Net

Sides, back and bottom – Halfway

Sides, back and bottom: Halfway, double view

Left leg complete

Left leg – view from base

Left and right leg complete

Continuation of


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