Game Piece

Game Pieces Set

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Originally I wanted to create a set of four game pieces that could be played on a 3D board, to be sat or perched on the edge of cubes placed around the map marking which point of the game the player had reached. In my sketch work I started off with a shape that resembled a ‘bubbled’ letter Y, this then progressed and I started to explore the curvatures at the top, seeing if I could change the entire shape simple by tweaking one small element of design.

My original idea didn’t work in the way that I’d planned as the pieces didnt self-support when I placed them on the corners of a cube like object. Nonetheless, I liked the general shapes I had created and did a bit of detail work in lines to make them truly unique.





Game Pieces Aligned


2 thoughts on “Game Piece

  1. Great looking pieces. Can’t you make them self supporting by making them heavier in the base? How big are they. You might photoshop yourself walking amongst them, very small.

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