A recent project was to go to any art gallery or museum and take a series of photos of a piece of public art.

It was then our task to come up with a design that takes some of the art pieces main attributes into account. I was drawn to this piece of sculpture partly because of the swath of ocean colours, all shades of blues and greens and oranges. The second reason being, the texture. Rough to the touch and peppered with pores.

I started brainstorming ideas for possible design outcomes, flicking through bookshelves, remote controls, picture frames, carpet, door frames and so on. All of these ideas seemed possible but they lacked any real sense of adventure. I wanted to come up with something that used the material and appearance of the object to its full potential.

After a bit of research into the qualities of such porous rock types, I came up with the idea of a filter system. I wanted to create a self-cleaning sink system that minimised water waste by reusing one tank full of water continuously. Water that flows down from the snow-tipped mountains, enters into a natural filtering system that makes use of porous rock types such as Basalt and Scoria. The water runs down into a vast maze of intricately small holes that gradually filter all grime, dirt and debris from its flow producing crystal clear water.

My idea: If you could somehow create a sink with a base made of such rock types, the water will run through the holes whilst all dirt from possible dish washing remains on the top ready for an easy clean-up once drained. The water that drains through the holes will be pumped back into the tank to await the next use. The overall design of the sink system will be aiming to show the aesthetically pleasing rock off as much as possible, therefore the sink sides will all be made of a durable yet transparent plastic. This design is meant for cleaning purposes only and the water should not be drank. Heat will be provided from the pipes running from the tank to the tap but the whole aim of the design is to be minimalist, therefore the water will be produced at a permanent temperature and there will be no knobs or buttons to change this, simple an on/off button towards the back. There will also be a system in place to prevent water escaping from the base meaning that the sink can be filled for effective cleaning.


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