Wooden & Metal Toy Designs

Wooden Toy Presentation Board

Two presentation boards from a recent project. Aim was to come up with the designs for a set of wooden toys and a single metal toy. The wooden toys were to be family orientated whilst the metal toy was to be transport orientated.

For the wooden toy project I went with the idea of wealth and how a persons financial successes or fall-backs can be illustrated based purely on their choice of transport. Although obviously not definitive, I went with an idea of progression.

Public transport>Personal transport>Private transport

Packaging consists of folded black card with ruts cut out of the bottom to allow snug fitting when toy vehicles wheels are inserted.

Metal Toy Presentation Board

For the metal toy project I chose to recreate a truck cabin. There was no underlying concept or thought pattern beneath this choice, I simply like trucks. Having never worked with metal before I was slightly apprehensive, especially when it came to the welding. This resulted in some fairly messy weld marks and an unintended layer of scratches across the sides. After trying to clean the toy up to no avail, I grew to like the scratches and marks and dents and I started to re-imagine it, not as a recreation of a brand new truck fresh off the line, but as a battered and bashed truck that’s seen many a better day yet still, no matter what, keeps on trucking.


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